HealthNut with a Big Butt

Being someone who has struggled with weight due to my perception of what exactly defines "fat", I hope to not only aid in my own difficulty accepting my 5'11" body, but helping others who have ridden this weightloss, fitness, knowledge journey. Motivation is the main component I would like to address in this blog-sometimes the hardest task to fulfill when life gives us lemons is mustering the courage to ask for help making lemonade. I'm low on sugar, maybe you could lend me some?

Height: 5'11"
Weight as of February 15, 2011: 165lbs.
Weight as of March 7, 2011: 162.5lbs.
Weight as of April 7, 2011: 157.5 lbs.
Weight as of May 10, 2011: 154.0 lbs.
Weight as of June 4, 2011: 153.0 lbs.
Weight as of August 9, 2011: 154.0lbs.
Ask me anything-Or send some encouraging words!